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There has never been a better time to get DAB digital radio for your car. Hundreds of transmitters are being switched on all over the UK, improving DAB reception for millions of listeners.

There are already lots of digital stations - and many more are being added all the time.

All vehicles can be converted to digital radio. Ask your Kenwood DAB Radio Pro-Install Dealership for advice on the best option.


Why should I get digital radio in my vehicle?

Digital radio gives you much greater choice, with all your existing stations plus many more digital-only stations. Digital radios are easier to tune and the sound is hiss and crackle free.


Improving DAB coverage

Hundreds of new DAB transmitters are being built for national and local stations, to take coverage towards the level of FM. Coverage is also being improved on the road network, including major roads and motorways, which will further enhance in-vehicle reception.

Check which stations you can get at getdigitalradio.com



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