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  • KDC-164UR
  • KDC-164UR

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  • Detachable Faceplate
  • OEM Wired Remote Control ready


Key Features

KDC-164UR Key Features



Kenwood Music Play for Android devices

Kenwood's Music Play app available from Google Play Store (Android OS 4.1 and above) organises your Android devices music files so that the KDC-164U range can be used to search and play via Album, Artist, Genre, Playlists, and Song. More importantly your entire music library can be set to random play and all tag information is available on the display.

Once you have downloaded this app onto your Android device then simply connect the device to the USB input on the Kenwood KDC-164U and away you go!

  - Compatible Android devices for music playback via USB
  Kenwood Music Play
  - The app to listen to music from your Android device


KDC-164UR Android smartphone Kenwood Music App



USB/AUX Front Inputs

Kenwood USB Connection

For convenient connection to your portable music device via USB or AUX input.

Portable USB devices or sticks make it possible to create and store compilations of your favourite music and bring them into the car for easy connection and playback via the USB (Universal Serial Bus). Compatible formats for USB are: MP3, WMA and WAV. The USB input includes a fast charging power supply.

They can even display tag information, provided the files are not protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management).

The terminal is on the front of the unit and has a sliding illuminated cover to avoid dust and ensure more secure connection.





A high quality FM/AM tuner with 24 Presets (18FM / 3LW / 3MW). Mixed Preset Memory is also available which enables stations with a different band (FM/AM) can be memorised to the [1] - [6] buttons according to the setting of "Preset Type". The tuner comes with a traffic interruption option and radio data system.


KDC-164UR Tuner Radio



CD Playback


The included CD player can also playback home recorded MP3/WMA discs.

Playback track features:

Random Function (Track), Repeat Function (Track/Disc) and Scan Function (Track/Disc).




Audio Adjustments

KDC-164UB Drive EQ

Along with the normal bass and treble adjustments the KDC-164U range includes Kenwood’s Drive EQ System. This automatically adjusts the sound balance and level for any volume setting.

Drive EQ







Removal Front Panel

To help protect your desirable new in-car receiver the complete control panel can be easily removed and stored away from the vehicle.

Removeable Front Panel