United Kingdom



Marine wired remote controller with LCD display



Key Features

Wired remote controller
IP67: protection level of the unit against temporary immersion in water
Mono Colour LCD Display with 2 Line Text
up to 3 wired remote units can be connected to main unit KMR-700U
Installation bracket included



The IPX7 compliant KCA-RC107MR is a dedicated wired remote controller for the KRM-700U that features an LCD display for control of the head-unit and external devices connected to the head-unit. What's more, up to three other wired remote controllers can be connected to the KMR-700U via our optional extension cables either CA-EX3MR (3 meters) or CA-EX7MR (7 meters). Please note that if three remote controllers are required one split cable CA-Y107MR will also be required along with three extension cables..