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Building the Kenwood Volkswagen Scirocco

Kenwood VW Scirocco with Rotiform rims


For 2018 our demo Scirocco has undergone something of a revamp. We wanted to stick with the popular VW platform but bring a totally fresh angle to the car for this years show season. We drew inspiration from race cars we have sponsored in the past and looked to Japan for the latest trends, put them all in a melting pot at RIIVA Design and came up with this!


Kenwood VW Scirocco Airlift Performance


It started off as an altogether more subtle car however, an unassuming satin grey wrapped Scirocco GT. It was on static suspension and simple Rotiform KPS wheels. Although it looked great it didn’t have that wow factor we wanted for this season. We contacted Khyzyl Saleem to design the vehicle’s colour scheme and set to work creating a faithful real-life representation of the artwork.


Kenwood VW Scirocco RIIVA Design


But first there was the small matter of stripping down the existing car. RIIVA Design handled the bulk of of the project work and with a very short amount of time before Ultimate Dubs got to work on the car.


VW Scirocco Air Lift Performance air suspension system


First jobs were to install the Air Lift Performance air suspension system. This was essential in achieving the ride height we needed to set the car off. After that the wrap was removed and the Voomeran wide arches were fitted.


Kenwood VW Scirocco fit of Rotiform
Kenwood VW Scirocco wrap
Kenwood VW Scirocco
Kenwood VW Scirocco on the ramp
Kenwood VW Scirocco wheel arch completed
Kenwood VW Scirocco with Forge




Running with a race car theme we chose to include bead rolled panels in the air ride install. Bucking the trend for leather or other fabrics on the interior surfaces we wanted an engineered feel to the install.


Kenwood Scirocco Car 1
Kenwood Scirocco Car 2
Kenwood Scirocco Car 3
Kenwood Scirocco Car 4
Kenwood Scirocco Car 5
Kenwood Scirocco Car 6


Kenwood Scirocco Car 7


From here on the project really started to take shape and a set of custom Rotiform wheels were designed to emulate the ‘turbofan’ style wheels of the 1990s Le Man cars.


Kenwood Scirocco Car Rotiform 1
Kenwood Scirocco Car Rotiform 2
Kenwood Scirocco Car Rotiform 3


Kenwood Scirocco Car Rotiform 4


Once the wrap was applied the render became reality, it’s unusual for a project plan to be adhered to so strictly but we were so passionate about the concept that there was only one way for it to turn out!


Kenwood Scirocco Car Rotiform 7


Kenwood Scirocco Car Rotiform 8