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Love your new Volkswagen but want navigation & Spotify?


VW composition navi upgrade MIBII by Kenwood


Love your new Volkswagen but wish the factory navigation option had been ticked? Well now you can get a Volkswagen UK approved accessory featuring European Garmin navigation from your local dealer. The latest Kenwood Volkswagen MIBII combines effortless navigation with Spotify app control and the option to control and display the Kenwood DRV-N520 dashcam. Kenwood Volkswagen MIBII is currently available for the latest Volkswagen models fitted with the Composition Media System.


The Kenwood Volkswagen MIBII is available for installation by your local VW dealer and integrates seamlessly with the original Volkswagen Composition Media System to offer full touchscreen control of the navigation and the other new features.

VW composition navigation upgrade MIBII by Kenwood

Switch to Kenwood Volkswagen MIBII and getting lost is a thing of the past. Kenwood’s European Garmin navigation features Lane Assist, Eco Route and Photo View junction feedback with 3D landmarks to make find your way a breeze. The Kenwood Garmin Lane Assist does exactly what you would expect and helps ensure you are in the correct lane for your chosen route while Photo View junctions show the exact road layout ahead. If you’re planning a visit to a big city, 3D landmarks make it easier than ever to keep your bearings!


What’s more is the Kenwood Garmin upgrade boasts thousands of points of interests (POIs), so you can quickly find a fuel station, airport, cashpoint or hotel. Spotify app control allows you to select your favorite playlists or artists for the journey while the option to display and control a Kenwood DRV-N520 dash cam keeps you safe on route.


VW composition Spotify upgrade MIBII by Kenwood



Fitment List

VW Part No: ZGB 5G0 051 260

VW Part No (MIBII + DRV-N520): ZGB 5G0 051 MBDR


  Vehicle Year
  Arteon 2017 >
  Golf 7 (5G) 2012 > 2016
  Golf 7 Estate 2014 >
  Golf 7 SV 2013 >
  Golf 7.5 2016 >
  Jetta 2017 >
  Passat (B8) 2015 >
  Polo 2013 > 2017
  Polo Facelift 2017 >
  Tiguan 2016 >
  Touran (1T) 2015 >
  TROC 2017 >


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