United Kingdom


We recognise that contributing to the regions in which we do business and creating workplace environments that safeguard the human rights of all employees and enable them to perform their work enthusiastically are key responsibilities and issues for us as a company as we strive to ensure our own profitable growth while helping to resolve social issues. The JVCKENWOOD Group has devoted special attention in recent years to promoting diversity, and we have implemented a variety of measures to foster the corporate culture that respects and accepts diversity and to encourage the innovation that such a culture produces. Overseas, we certainly comply with all local laws and regulations as we work to ascertain and improve the labor environment throughout our supply chain by pursuing sustainable procurement. Because these initiatives also help us attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we will continue our efforts in line with the relevant material issues and KPIs.



Complying with the UK Modern Slavery Act

The JVCKENWOOD Group has released the following statements in its efforts to prevent slave labour and human trafficking in its business activities and supply chains in complying with the UK Modern Slavery Act that went into effect in 2015.