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Please note this enquiry service is for UK residents and products supplied by Kenwood Electronics UK only


For customers who have purchased a product, please ensure you provide the model number and serial number within your communication, this will help us identify your product type quicker and respond within a shorter time frame.

    • I’ve lost my stereo’s 4-digit security code - Security Codes for Products 2009 Onwards
    • I’ve lost my stereo’s 4-digit security code - Security Codes Prior to 2009

      Due to the special theft protection system some stereos and multimedia products have an individual security code number. If the power has been disconnected from the battery or the stereo has been reset, the product will require the four-digit code that was supplied with the product.

      The following stereos have a 4-digit code.


      DPX-501U, 502U, 701U.

      KDC-5021, 5024, 5080, 5090, 6021, 6024, 6080, 6090, 6521, 6527, 7024, 7027, 7050, 7060, 8060, 9050, BT8041U, BT8141UY, M6024/G, M7024, MP6090, MV6521, PS9060, PSW9524, PSW9527, PSW9531, V6090, V6524, W3537A/G, W4037, W4041A/G/W, W4531, W4537UA/UG, W4737U, W5031, W5041UA/UG, W5137, W5534U, W5541U, W6027, W6041U, W6527, W6531, W6534U, W6537U, W6541U, W707, W7027, W7031, W7037, W7041U, W7531, W7534U, W7537U, W7541U, W808, W8027, W8531, W8534, W9027, WV6027, Z828MP, Z838.


      Multimedia Products

      DDX-5022, 6027, 6029, 7025, 7029, 8027, 8029.

      DNX-5220/BT, 7200, 7220, 8220BT.


      KVT-522DVD, 627DVD, 629DVD, 725DVD-B, 727DVD, 729DVD, 827DVD, 829DVD, 925DVD.



      KRC-1054, 578, 579, 591, 594, 597, 678, 679, 691, 694, 758, 759, 856, 857, 858, 859, 954, 956, 957, 958, PS959, V679, X383.



      If you do not have this code you will need to carry out the following procedure to obtain the code for your particular stereo. There is an administration charge of £10.00, which includes VAT, for this service. Please note that without this information the code can not be released for security reasons.

      1/  A copy of your sales receipt for the stereo OR a copy of your driving licence.
      2/  The model number.
      3/  The serial number (This number starts KE???????????? and is  etched onto the top or bottom plate of the stereo or is printed on the white model number label on the bottom plate).
      4/  Your name, address and contact telephone number so that Fullers Ltd can contact you for payment.

      Send details via post, fax or e-mail - please attach scanned documentation;

      Fullers Ltd
      Kenwood Code Department
      Riverside View
      Wickham Market
      IP13 0TA



      Fax number: 01728 746900
      Telephone number: 01728 746743

      When Fullers Ltd have received this information; They will then check our database and once all security checks have been made, they will then supply the code accordingly via telephone, post, fax or e-mail. Please note that this service normally takes 2 working days upon receipt of your request.

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