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Digital Radio - Smart Car

Kenwood DAB Radio Smart Car


Kenwood's Smart Car came about because we wanted to demonstration our Digital Radio CD-Receiver. With a simple installation which includes our DNX4250DAB head-unit, a pair of front speakers, mono amplifier and two subs. The result is a simple but effective demonstration of the new opportunity for Digital Radio performance.


Kenwood DAB Smart Car System Layout




DNX4210DAB DAB Navigation system

The DNX4250DAB offers playback of hundreds of radio stations at the touch of a button. At last there is a station for all tastes --Sport -Jazz --rock even if you’re a child of the 60/70/80ties there is a home for you ! The easy-search system makes finding the right station quick, and once tuned in the latest technology means that listening to digital radio on the move is free of annoying breaks and distortion. iPod hook-up, full European navigation, seamless Bluetooth mobile phone integration and DVD-playback all brought to you via touch-screen technology and a super-fast Central Processor Unit make this the ultimate multimedia system. With the Kenwood DNX4250DAB, you can get your favourite FM/AM stations on digital , as well as lots of digital-only stations. Digital radio has something for everyone.

Searching for a Digital radio Station

Searching for a Digital radio Station
Kenwood have included an easy ABC service search which has swipe graphic control. This list is automatically populated at first unit power on.

There is a list refresh button for when you venture out of your home service area and want to refresh this listing.

DAB station list

Following a station selection you can choose to return to the main station display screen with full information read-out.

Digital Radio Features:

•     15 presets (5 Ch x 3 band)
•     Alphabet station search
•     DAB – DAB+ / DAB - FM auto switch
•     DLS (Dynamic Label) - Scrolling station information
•     PTY Search - Station search by type i.e. News, Sports etc

The system also has FM/LW/MW for those stations which are not available yet via Digital Radio.




KFC-X173 17cm speakers


17cm, 2-way High Performance Flush Mount Speaker System
240W Peak Input Power





   Mono amplifier



1600W Maximum Output Power

As the smallest amplifier in its class, in the world, the KAC-X1D overcomes thermal radiation issues inherent to compact amplifiers and packed with powerful Kenwood technology into a small form that enables installation in tight locations previously restricted to lower performance amps. This is ideal for users who do not wish to sacrifice boot space or prefer stealth installation.






   KFC-WPS1000F Shallow Subs



KFC-WPS1000F - 10" Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer

Compared to existing models, the flat subwoofer KFC-WPS1000F (10") are approximately 40% slimmer in depth. This makes them ideal for installation even in tight spaces such as behind or under seats. A carbon-fibre cone and aluminum-cast basket is employed for long-lasting reliability.